3Thi Robotics

First of its kind agriculture technology services company in India. Aiming to transform traditional agriculture to modern.


To serve 650+ million farmer households to provide them modern technology to adopt precession agriculture to get better yields.


Focused to help farmers of all size & type for their better crop management & to guide them on the soil, minerals & crop health.


farmers with our latest technology in agriculture be able to produce best yields, understand their crop & field data accurately, address the stress level for crops timely.


modern agriculture drones india
Future Agriculture Technology in India

The future is here

3Thi Robotics wants to revolutionise how agriculture is done in India. We want to provide best modern technology services to address the crop need to make our GDP grow substantially.

Our systems would provide vital data of the soil, crop, weather & fungal / deceases of the crop.

Our devices & technology well tested, accurate & dependable which is in use by many developed countries..

Key facts & Figures

  1. We provide timely & crop based services (as & when you require) for the fraction of cost. Its affordable and effective.
  2. Precision agriculture saves precious resources (water) in correct quantity, our technology enhances your farmland & crop. We practise & promote organic farming. Our team consists of technological, geological & agricultural experts to provide best solutions to each crop type & geographical suggestions & inputs.
  3. 3Thi Robotics can store & secure your farmland data of crop seasons. In case of crop loss due to hazards & floods – our data can be used to claim Crop Insurance.

Precise - Perfection

Makeshift in traditional agriculture to precision agriculture opening the greater possibilities,
for farmers to get best tools & technology to manage their year long hard work & protect.

3Thi spelled as ThreeThi Robotics India provides top class modern drone technology to help farmers get better yield and focus precision farming.

Some Imp. Info

I want to purchase one!?.

3Thi Robotics provides services using some of the best agriculture drones in the world. We are trained to fly and obtain permissions from DGCA, at present we wont be able to sell individual machines to you. However if GDCA comes with new regulations, we will let you know accordingly.

Do you manufacture drones?.

We don’t believe in creating something already there. So our analysis drones are from our partner companies where we have exclusive partnership for India for 6 years. However, 2 drones we designed & manufactured (from vendor in china) and tested exclusively for some of the great purpose to be served in agri sector, those images & videos will be released upon filing of patent / TM. They too join our fleet soon.

Help me with your technology for my 2 acre farmland?.

Our machines can fly over 2 acre of your farm, however we insist and scheduling field screenings across 8 states in India and we scan 500 acres a day. So it would be economical for you to gather your few neighbours and approach us.

How guarantee of your technology for my crop?

We are not a fertilisers manufactures / hybrid seed marketing. We are aiming to provide accurate data by taking NDVI images using special sensors & drones where as it is not possible for a human eye. The processed images provide real picture of your farmland & crop, mineral contents, deceases if any. We earn money by providing this vital info to you. Your better crop yield is our business yield.

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