To seed & nurture the ideas to convert them into larger enterprises. To evolve towards smarter & eco-friendly future with technology innovations. To achieve larger acceptance of our existence through people centric solutions.


With open ear to listen to new ideas, with open eyes to capture the right opportunity, with open palm to support sustainable innovations, open arms to associate fellas, with open minds to believe in future.


Combination of superb individuals with updated, modern & innovative minds & souls with creative blood, who like to bring many more friendly, useful & new stuffs to this world. We were few who always walked less known paths.


2007 – @ Pune

Building something which is not here yet, felt like most needed, than doing a fantastic job and position & perks. Rented flat converted to home + office where 4 team member started to work on.

Our First $15,000 in Revenue.

2008 – BLR Calling.

Creating a product is not easy, understood with in a year of start. Supported clients on web app development to sustain our product development & team. Shifted to Bengaluru by end of august.

$46,000 in Revenues.

2009 – Luxury in Recession.

Stopped talking about our idea of promoting luxury brands, it was a recession, many laughed at us. We continued to work on bringing 1st luxury promotional platform for India. Then others followed it as you all know

$73,000 in Revenues.

2010 – DemandTec to BLR.

They wanted a partner to have presence in India & wanted to build their team strength. Our association with them explored new possibilities for both of us and our association ceased when IBM acquired them recently.

$108,000 in Revenues.

2011 – Breathing Preservas.

John came to us through a friend, looking to set up a team to fill the gap of the property management & mortgage industry in US. We set up 18 members team to work with him.

$165,000 in Revenues.

2012 – Aiming @ Excellence.

Time for e-learning, but were too many, we went on to make a platform exclusive for skills, than a course. We focused on sharing many untold methods & ancient knowledge to the world.

$198,000 in Revenues.

2013 – B.P.O. to Cheyenne.

Watching performance differences in team sits in Central America vs India, we were convinced that operating in US would be preferred for many factors, hence Preservas moved to Cheyenne and John headed to make a 60+ members team.

$100,000 in Revenues.

2014 – Survival.

8th year of our walk saw difficult times, our products were yet to be marketed to earn. web & mobile apps were cash cows – declined in this year. Cut short our team from 40+ to just 6 survival members in Bengaluru. It was a dry year for us.

$10,000 in Revenues.

2015 – Inside Bill Boards.

A} Our hard work at survival time {last year} gave us the opportunity to work on the industry first, India first, cloud repository application for billboards. This saw good number of acceptance & appreciation. Launched with modern functions & features. Started entry of 100+ listings per day

B} We set up a division of our team to head custom web & mobile app development for clients.

$203,000 in Revenues.

2016 – Flying Drones – We are here, We need your support.

Witnessing agriculture sector of the world vs India, we felt & realised sustainable technology for this sector is missing since ages. We decided to help farmers with modern agriculture drone technology services to their farm for sustainable, eco-friendly crop management & better yield.

Aiming our 1st $1000,000 in Revenues.

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